8/29/2012 12:59:10 am

I have never learned more about fly fishing than when I got out on a guided tour with you. You've given me the skills to land my first Shad, Sea trout, and Brown Trout. I'm looking forward to learning more from you and growing that list!!
Thanks for opening Nervous Waters Fly Fishing Adventures Don!

Kevin Donaldson
10/10/2012 08:34:45 am

I've been on many trips fishing with Taylor over the past 30 yrs. Some of my best memories in N.S. Every trip was an adventure of
relaxation, excitment, learning, comrodery, encouragement and help
catching fish. One night Don reeled in a beaver while we were night-
fishing brown trout. Homesick thinking of you on a river,this last day of Sept. 2012. Thanks a million Don.........Kevin


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